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Pet-flix and Chill

Movie Night Goes to the Dogs

Grab the blankets and your coziest dog bed, it’s movie night! Having a doggy date night is a great way to bond with your fur friend. So choose your favorite four-legged film, and get comfy! Here are the essentials for a perfect dog movie night. 

corn pop

Popcorn for your Pooch

Yaky Charms are a crunchy, cheesy treat your dog will love! Packed with protein, this pup-safe popcorn is a movie night must-have.

Lights, Camera, Snacktion

Tasty treats with cute candy-theming from Spunky Pup. Available in five fun flavors. With no corn, wheat, or soy added. 

pet snack

Can’t Forget the Cola

Keep your pup entertained through the entire film! This soda can treat dispenser pairs perfectly with the movie candies and will keep your dog’s mind engaged in the activity. 

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