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Most frequent questions and answers

Gingr is a safe reliable portal we use for making reservations. Simply click on the BOOK NOW button, create a Gingr account and you’re ready to book with us! We look forward to bringing you the best Pet Resort experience possible!

Yes the maximum weight for dogs is 65lbs. We accept all large breeds 11 years and under and all small breeds 13 years and under. If your pet is over 65lbs, they require a daycare trial first.

  • Upload your vaccinations to your pet’s account on Gingr.  Then there will be no surprises at check in.

  • Bring your pet’s own food to keep him/her on the same diet.  Please bring food in ziploc bags as it is easier for us to store!

  • Please bring chew bones and toys for your pet, especially if you know he/she is anxious when away from you.

  • Dogs MUST be wearing a collar or harness at all times.  No choker type collars please!

  • We do provide comfortable bedding and bowls so please travel light.  We do not accept beds from home.

  •  Treats from home are always welcome!

Please be sure to let our staff know of any special requirements or needs and we will do our best to accommodate

You can take a tour of our Resort anytime during our lobby hours. We have an Open Door Policy so you do not need to make an appointment!

Dogs:   Rabies, Bordetella & Distemper.  The Bordetella has a 10 day wait period from whenever it is given (even when updated) so please plan accordingly.  This wait period is important for the health and safety of your pet.

Cats:    Rabies & Distemper

We do recommend you bring your own food to keep your pet on his/her regular diet.  Please bring food in Ziploc bags – it is easier for us to store in our kitchen!

In order to maintain a flea and tick free environment, we can not take bedding and blankets from home.  We do provide comfortable bedding and blankets for your pet’s comfort.

Any toys and treats are welcome!

We do not have a minimum age requirement.  Your pet has to be old enough to be up to date on all boosters of puppy/kitten vaccines, including the Rabies vaccine.

VIPet Resort uses two local vets that are nearby if necessary.  They are Sand Lake Animal Hospital and Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital.

We administer all oral and topical medications.  We do not administer injected medications.