summer dog

Summer Recap At V.I.Pet Resort

We've had a blast hosting your beloved furry companions this summer!

🐶 Many friendships were formed over the summer. Being a part of your pups romping, wrestling, and frolicking truly warms our hearts.

🍦Our in-house made popsicles have been a hit, with pups enjoying frozen treats and keeping cool over the summer.

🫧With every hop and nose pop, our guests and the V.I.Pet Resort team have had a blast popping bubbles with new pals.

🐈‍⬛ Cat Appreciation Month Is Coming Up! 🐈


Join us in celebrating our feline friends who bring endless joy, purrs, and cuddles into our lives. Throughout the month, we’re rolling out treats and interactive play sessions tailored just for your whiskered companions. Whether they’re playful kittens or wise old souls, our goal is to make a purr-fectly delightful experience for your beloved cats.

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