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Saying Goodbye with a Splash of Magic:

Pet-Friendly Farewell Rituals for Dropping Off at Boarding or Daycare at V.I.Pet Resort the Happiest Place on Earth

Hey there, folks! When it’s time to bid adieu to our beloved furry friends and drop ’em off at a dog or cat boarding or daycare facility, it can be quite the emotional adventure for both pets and their owners.

But fear not, because, in the land of enchantment and wonder, there are ways to make saying goodbye a little easier and even sprinkle some magic into the mix. Let’s explore some pet-friendly farewell rituals that will have you and your fur baby feeling like you’re on a fairytale ride.

The Scent of Home Sweet Home

Pets have a keen sense of smell, and nothing says “home” like a familiar scent. Before dropping off your precious pet, why not tuck a soft blanket or a piece of clothing that carries your scent into their carrier? This delightful reminder of home will bring them comfort in their new surroundings. Just make sure it’s an item you can part with temporarily, as it may be difficult to let go of something so dear.

Treats Fit for Royalty

Who can resist a delectable treat? Surprise your pet by packing their favorite toy full of scrumptious treats or their most-loved snack. Whether it’s a puzzle toy filled with peanut butter or some gourmet goodies, this gesture will not only keep them happily occupied but also create positive associations with their stay. As you hand over the toy, give your furry friend some reassuring words, letting them know you’ll be back in a jiffy.

A Royal Goodbye Ritual

Create a special goodbye ritual fit for a prince or princess! Establish a unique routine that you perform each time you drop off your pet at the boarding or daycare facility. It could involve a gentle belly rub, a secret phrase whispered in their ear, or even a regal bow. Consistency in this royal ritual will help your pet recognize the routine and associate it with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Pre-Visit Playdates If possible

Arrange for a few pre-visit playdates at the boarding or daycare facility. This magical experience will allow your pet to become acquainted with the enchanting surroundings, and the caring staff, and perhaps even make furry friends. Spend some quality time with your pet in the facility’s play area, engaging in activities that bring them joy. 

These enchanting encounters will help your pet associate the facility with happiness and make future drop-offs feel like stepping into a storybook adventure.

A Tale of Love

Put pen to paper and craft a heartfelt letter to your pet. Pour out your feelings, recount precious memories, and express your wishes for their stay. Let your pet know just how much they mean to you and assure them that your love knows no bounds.

Slip the letter into their carrier or attach it to their belongings, creating a tangible reminder of your enduring bond. It’s a fairytale gesture that will keep your pet connected to your love, even in your absence.

Capturing Magical Moments Before saying goodbye

Capture a photograph or record a short video of your pet. These magical souvenirs will not only be a treasured reminder of their time at the facility but also provide you with comfort and reassurance. You can even request updates and pictures from the facility staff during your pet’s stay, allowing you to be part of their enchanting journey while you’re apart.

A Sprinkle of Positivity Before parting ways

Shower your pet with words of encouragement and positivity. Channel your inner fairy godparent and offer gentle reassurance that they are safe, loved, and cherished. Your magical words will create a soothing aura and help alleviate any worries or anxieties your pet may have, allowing them to settle into their temporary kingdom with ease.

Now, my friends, when it comes to saying goodbye to your beloved pet before dropping them off at a boarding or daycare facility, remember to infuse it with a touch of Orlando magic. Embrace these pet-friendly farewell rituals and let the enchantment unfold. Create lasting memories, maintain that special connection, and ensure a smooth transition for your pet’s royal stay. May your pet’s journey be filled with pixie dust and endless joy!


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