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Holiday Food Dangers

Skip the Table Scraps

Many delicious treats we indulge in this time of year are unsafe for our pets. Chocolate and anything using Xylitol are common no-no foods for pets. Fatty, sugary, and heavily spiced foods should also be avoided. For a complete list of foods to avoid feeding your pet, check out the ASPCA’s People Foods to Avoid Feeding your Pet.

Secure the Trash

Make sure pets don’t have access to anything they shouldn’t by securing your trash. Bones and other food scraps can be choking hazards to pets or cause digestive obstructions if ingested.

Caution with Cocktails

Keep adult beverages out of your pet’s reach as you celebrate this season. Unattended alcohol could be consumed by a pet, causing them to become weak and ill. Too much can even result in a coma or respiratory failure.

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